Project Description


We create, record, and produce online content for companies, universities, and business schools: Specialists in MOOCs, in-company training, and master classes. Editing virtual environments and 3D elements.

An audiovisual resource more compelling than a PDF or PowerPoint. Topics explained by the professor, instructor, or consultant themselves. Complete integration of images, texts, and sounds. Videos as a complement and supportive learning tool for in-person classes and training courses.

Explanation of products, services, and campaigns, both for internal sales (staff) and external sales (customers). FAQs, tutorials, instructions, tips, and recommendations.

Presentations of master’s degrees, courses, specializations, and undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For websites, mailings, promotions, own TV channels, applications, presentations, and conferences. Videos presented by the instructors and program directors to provide prospective students with a clear image of what they can expect in the selected training.